Woman's Minsistry at Living For The Brand Cowboy Church 

May 1st - Ladies New Bible Study - "Simon Peter" Flawed But Faithful Disciple by Adam Hamilton

The heart of any Women's Ministry is Bible Study. We live in a world where women are under attack on a daily basis whether as daughters, spouses, mothers, or in the work place.

Through Bible Study, we draw closer to our Lord, and closer to each other. As we study God's word, we weave a cloth of fellowship and friendship with our Sisters in Christ.

I encourage you, no matter what your life circumstances may be, to join us as we look forward to expanding our Sisterhood. If at any time you need prayer, an ear to listen, or a heart to hear, please contact me.

Elizabeth Kellow, Women's Team Leader
903-790-5625 or email: women@lftbcowboychurch.com

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